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10% off English Courses in Canada Receive an extra discount if you are from Japan!

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Fancy studying in a country with breath-taking natural landscapes and friendly people? Book an English course in Toronto, and start before December 15, 2014* to get an additional 10% off on your tuition fee. This is an exclusive discount for students from Japan, so book now before it’s too late!

About the promotion

  • Booking period: Until 15/12/2014
  • School: Toronto
  • Courses: General English (Intensive and Standard) and Power Speaking
  • Discount rate: 10% off your tuition fee

Sample price

General English (Intensive 28) in Toronto for 12 weeks including an enrolment fee

Tuition fee 10% discount
$4,028 $3,639

Save CAN$389 (equivalent to 35,000yen) in total!

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Toronto Language School

Canadian flagLearn English in the biggest city of Canada, and enjoy its cultural diversity. Toronto is close to Canada’s world famous attractions such as Niagara Falls and maple streets.

Courses available in Toronto

General English (Standard, Instensive) – Our most popular course! Choose a standard or intensive type and start on any Monday

Power Speaking – This unique course in Canada enables you to build confidence on your speaking. The course is focused on speaking and Business English.

* If you complete your booking and start your course by December 15th, 2014, we will apply the discounted rate for the whole of your booking.

Why choose Embassy?

Two female students walking in Victoria

English Only Policy

A lot of you may concern about speaking your own language all the time while you are studying abroad. Our strict "English Only Policy" encourages students to have more chances to speak English every day.

Over 40 years teaching experience

There are many different ways to learn English; but we strongly believe there's no better way than learning face-to-face. That's why for the last 42 years we've perfected the art of classroom-based English courses with real teachers.

Teaching methods

Students will learn grammar and vocabulary fundamentals but will also quickly see improvements in their spoken English – we give students practical, real-life examples they can use every day.