Embassy Evolves
Meeting the needs of today’s students

Inspire. Innovate. Excite. Evolve.

Helping to strengthen your business and meet student needs, we’re introducing better pricing, tailored courses and more choice where it’s needed most.

How we’re evolving

New global footprint
Inspiring developments and new products across our global network

New pricing model
Exciting lower prices, simplified payments and better rates for agents. Innovative pricing model, with lower prices and moving away from large market discounts.

New suite of programmes
Exciting new programmes developed to meet the needs of today’s students.

Excite: with our new programmes

Across our global network of centres we are delighted to be introducing a wider range of programmes tailored more to the needs of today’s students.

New 30 plus programmes, a wider range of junior locations, new on campus semester abroad, English for Academic Purposes in the US, and more evening classes are among some of the innovative changes happening in our schools in 2018.

New programmes include:

  • 30 Plus - for students 30 and over
  • A wider range of year round junior programmes
  • English for Academic Purposes in the USA
  • New on-campus language semester abroad
  • Wider range of evening classes

Innovate: our new pricing model

Attract more students with our new pricing model – from September 2017, we’re reducing and moving away from larger market discounts enabling both our student and partner agents worldwide to benefit.

In addition we will be paying upfront commission* and are improving access for our partners to their commission statements *for agents who pay gross

  • Lower prices
  • Straightforward rates
  • Upfront commission*

Helping to grow your business
Our new simplified pricing model will help you generate more sales across all Embassy products, improving your relationships with students and strengthening your business.

Inspire: with our new global footprint

2018 sees our global footprint evolve to ensure we continue offering your students a more inspiring and, with our on campus locations, immersive English language learning experience.

  • Giving students more course choice across our global network
  • More multi-school locations to align and work more closely with Study Group’s industry leading Higher Education division
  • On campus choices across Australia, New Zealand, US and UK
  • New centre locations to enhance the overall student experience

Why Embassy English?

Experienced and passionate

At Embassy English, we’ve been teaching international students for 45 years. Our passionate teachers create unforgettable experiences for every single student.

Innovative study tools

Each student can access their personal profile on My Embassy English dashboard. Their progress is monitored and maximised with our intelligent tracking tool, Embassy onTrack.

Guaranteed outcomes

We have complete confidence that each and every one of your students will achieve their goals. We’re the only English language school to offer a Money Back guarantee.