Special Offer Free Cambridge English Exam

Embassy English will pay for a Cambridge exam for any student who books an Embassy Study Centre in 2014*.

About the Cambridge Exam

Cambridge English exams are known worldwide and are recognised by universities, employers and national education authorities in many countries as evidence that the holder meets their required standards in English.

Every year more than 2 million people take these examinations in order to improve their employment prospects, to seek further education, to prepare themselves for travel or living abroad, or because they want an internationally recognised certificate.

What Embassy English is Offering?

Embassy English offers specific Cambridge Exam preparation in several of our Centres. For any student who books with us to take our preparation classes now through August 15th, we will pay the examination fee.

Class offerings:

Cambridge English First: Also known as First Certificate in English (FCE), is an upper-intermediate level qualification. It proves you can use every day written and spoken English for work or study purposes.

  • It is designed for those who want to use English to improve their work and study.

Cambridge English Advanced (CAE): The demand for high-level English language skills is increasing all around the world. Passing Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) shows that you are a high achiever, and is a badge of excellence.

  • More than 4,000 educational institutions, businesses and government departments around the world accept Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) as proof of high-level achievement.
  • Helps learners develop the skills to make the most of studying, working and living in English-speaking countries.
  • Can be used for your university and student visa applications in the UK and Australia.

Cambridge Exam Courses at Embassy English in September 2014

Study Centre Cambridge First Certificate Cambridge Advanced Course Fee Saved
Start Date End Date
British Flag Brighton x
 £149 22nd
Cambridge x x
Oxford x x
American Flag
New York x x $457
San Diego x x
San Francisco x x
Australian Flag Melbourne x
AUS$ 411
Sydney x x
New Zealand Flag Auckland x


NOTE: Last test date in all locations is December 2, except Oxford, where last test date is December 13th. 11 weeks of accommodation required in all locations except Oxford, where 12 weeks are required.
*Promotion applies to new bookings only.